Our Services

Data Center | Cloud | Security | Automation
• Full turnkey design, supply, construct & commission of a tier certification level datacentre with tiered redundancy and fault tolerance.
• Achieve redundant distribution path for all cooling & electrical systems.
• Incoming connectivity, security, fire detection, gas suppression, CCTV and software based environmental monitoring.

• Extend your datacentre by harnessing powerful cloud capabilities and turning technology into business differentiator.
• Achieve true hybrid cloud by adopting a unified platform that spans your cloud environment and datacentre unleashing great benefits to your enterprise.
• Move away from complex IT infrastructure which is extremely difficult to manage and keep up to date.

• From zero day attacks to Business Email Compromise (BEC), enhance your organization’s security posture to respond effectively and timely to incoming malicious attacks.
• Move away from siloed security models to a Security Operations Centre (SOC) that drives your organization’s overall security strategy and allows proactivity.
• Use a single pane of glass to review and corelate security alerts from diverse security products to reduce false positives and triage independent alerts.
• Extend your security landscape to cloud and hybrid cloud environments without losing functionality or creating vulnerability. Govern your entire infrastructure fiefdom with the same security policies.
• Adopt new security solutions such for the cloud, to extend your security posture appropriately.
• Add automation to your security landscape to ensure that responses to potential security breaches are not compromised by human delays or errors. Add reporting and audit trail to ensure that the interventions are well documented.

• At Converge, every task is automate able!
• Whether it is producing letter headed customer invoices in their hundreds from details contained in a text file we can automate it.
• Or you want to move files from source folder to destination folder while making changes to them it can be automated.
• Or you want to screen scrape alphanumeric data from the pages of a web portal and place them on the rows of an excel sheet it can be automated.
• You may also want to scan the emails in an Inbox while matching specific words in the Subject line, then saving all its attachments to a folder it can be automated.
• You may also have a requirement to configure several devices such as routers, switches, modems etc. This could be automated and executed unmanned with the success/failure report printed on completion.
• So whether it is command line automation or windows GUI automation we have got the tools to execute your automation requirements with ease, allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks.