Theme: Secure360 2022
Dear Participant,

The global concern around Digital Transformation, Automation, and cyber security is becoming prevalent in boardroom discussions, and an essential part of the strategy plays across business organizations and public sector institutions.

The business landscape is evolving, and Cyber attackers are reinventing their methods and employing more sophistication in the ways they engineer new threats and cause irreparable havoc. Your organization should therefore improve its understanding of the emerging threat continuum and up-skill the ICT team on how to protect against data loss and services outage.

Cyber-attacks have become a common feature of today's interconnected world. As more organizations transition their data operations online, the sheer volume of attacks has increased as well. Threat actors keep leveraging on the COVID-19 outbreak from 2019 and the vulnerabilities of the distributed work environment.

Join our live event to learn more about what organizations and businesses are doing to manage the risk of this new distributed work environment and how Converge has been helping clients stay ahead of infosec risks that can affect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their business data from time to time.

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